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Jesper-sensei helps you getting to level you are aiming for with his many years of experience in language acquisition.

Jesper-sensei has a master's degree in Japanese as a second language and has also been in charge of an English language school owned by one of Japan's biggest educational companies. These experiences lets Jesper-sensei create a course which suits your needs.

Private classes 

The student and teacher together decide on the goals of the class and what textbook to use. The teacher may recommend a textbook that would suit the student in case the student does not have any preferences. The classes are held online

Group classes
The contents and textbook of each class is decided by the teacher. The classes are held online. At least two students on a similar level are needed to start a new course. Maximum number of students per class: 4 students.

On-site classes

These classes are only available in Västra Götaland and Halland in Sweden if the teacher and student have agreed upon it.


Jesper-sensei offers interpretation between Japanese, English and Swedish. Contact Jesper-sensei with information about the dates and languages involved for an estimate.


Jesper-sensei offers translation between Japanese, Chinese, English and Swedish. Please contact Jesper-sensei with the text you want translated for an estimate.

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