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Privacy Policy

Jesper-sensei values your privacy.

Jesper-sensei collects information about your device through cookies only if the customer consents. To be able to invoice the customers, Jesper-sensei will ask the customers for their name, address and e-mail address. Jesper-sensei may also ask for a phone number or Facebook account to be able to contact the customers.

If the customer lives in Sweden, Jesper-sensei checks the resident registration if the address is correct. All other information is provided by the customer. If the customer does not provide name and address, the invoicing procedure cannot be completed and in case the customer does not provide any contact information the customer cannot be reached if Jesper-sensei needs to provide information about Jesper-sensei's services.

The customers can at any point withdraw their consent to the processing of their information. A withdrawal will not change the legality of the processing made before the consent was withdrawn.

The collected information is shared with Jesper-sensei's accounting consultant.

Jesper Lysell

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