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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the first class free?

Yes. The first class is free and is used to determine your language level.

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Do I need to pay for each class I buy seperately?

No. The class minute packages shown on "Tuition fees" can be used for all language classes at Jesper-sensei.

Can I get help with translations or other language related questions during class?
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Yes, but only if you are taking private classes. Jesper-sensei cannot guarantee that your translation or questions can be finished during the time you have scheduled. If more time is needed you have to option to extend the lesson in case your and your teacher's schedule allow that. If the lesson cannot be extended, you will have to book a new time.

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Can the class minutes I buy expire?

No, the class minutes can be used whenever the student wants to and there are no expiry dates.

Can I book 10 minute classes?
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Yes, but only for the same price as a 20 minute class.

Can I change the time of a lesson that already has been scheduled?
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Yes, but only if you contact the teacher in advance more than 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled to start. You cannot change the time of a lesson which already has been rescheduled. If a class has been cancelled by your teacher within 24 hours from the time the lesson was supposed to start, your course minutes for that class will be counted as unused and you will get 20 extra course minutes as compensation.

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