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Tuition fees

All new students are welcome to take a free class in all the languages they are interested in. After that you are welcome to try Jesper-sensei's starter pack which contains 4 lessons to a discounted price. Lessons can be bought through wire transfers within Sweden or with Wise for international payments.

Studenter som noterar

Starter pack 4 lessons (Special price for new students)
20 minute classes: 600 SEK (For 12 year olds or younger)
30 minute classes: 1,000 SEK
45 minute classes: 1,600 SEK
60 minute classes: 2,200 SEK

Standard pack 5 lessons

20 minute classes: 1,000 SEK (For 12 year olds or younger)
30 minute classes: 1,500 SEK
45 minute classes: 2,250 SEK
60 minute classes: 3,000 SEK

Double pack 10 lessons
20 minute classes: 1,900 SEK (For 12 year olds or younger)
30 minute classes: 2,900 SEK
45 minute classes: 4,400 SEK
60 minute classes: 5,900 SEK


Jesper-sensei offers interpretation between Japanese, English and Swedish. Contact Jesper-sensei with information about the dates and languages involved for an estimate.


Jesper-sensei offer translation between Japanese, Chinese, English and Swedish. Please contact Jesper-sensei with the text you want translated for an estimate.

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